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Your lawn needs air, water, and nutrients, just like your body does. We certainly receive our fair amount of rain, but this is only one of the vital ingredients your lawn needs. Different ratios of these nutrients will depend on the species of grass in your lawn and the region you reside in. If you haven't given your grass the nutrients it requires, it may not make it through the summer heat and drying out of the soil.
While the amounts of the three nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—that nearly all plants need are similar, the ratios required by various plants vary. For example, house plants typically need a balanced combination of all three, although most grasses have a higher nitrogen requirement than phosphorus or potassium.

With your spreader, lime, and fertiliser now in your possession, you're practically set to go. Just be careful when handling the lime—wear gloves and a mask! Although lime isn't the most dangerous material, you should avoid breathing in lime dust because many lime mixes can be rather powdery. Although it can be challenging to get the ratios exactly perfect, this should make it simpler to decide how much to apply to your lawn.

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