More AboutGrass Installation

Remove existing materials. Demolition involves the removal of any existing materials whether it is soil, weeds, or any substance above ground. By rough grading the area and uncovering everything underneath including electric wiring, irrigation, pipes, etc–we can get a solid sub base for the project.
Cap sprinklers. In this phase we also cap any existing sprinklers that will not be used. It is very important to cap sprinklers at the pipe level as opposed to the rising. This avoids any leakage that may occur between the two. Modify sprinklers irrigation or drainage.

If necessary, relocate sprinklers, modify existing irrigation lines, and add any required drainage. Be sure to back fill and mark the location of any unused sprinklers to avoid depressions or low spots.Install Bender Board—the installation of the bender board is an important step as it provides a clean line and separation for the plants or bed and turf areas.

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